BFALMC to Fully reopen June 1

Following CU-Boulder and BioFrontiers guidelines, the BFALMC will fully reopen starting June 1

May 28, 2021

By Joe Dragavon

The facility will fully reopen starting June 1.

  • I will start to update the reservation calendar in the coming days. Please continue to reserve by Room through 5/31. After 5/31, please reserve by Microscope. Let me know if I do not give you access to the correct microscope(s)
  • I’m going to keep the 30-minute buffer between sessions for a bit longer, unless a lot of you object to this.
  • Your safety is paramount, so a few things will continue:
    • Please wear your masks at all times. Given the number of people that use the facility, it makes sense to use masks for a bit longer.
    • Wear safety goggles if you intend to use the eyepieces
    • Continue to wipe down surfaces with EtOH before and after your session. This keeps everything clean and, as a side benefit, reduces the amount of oil I’ve needed to clean!
    • Gloves will continue to be available, but this is up to you if you want to wear them.
    • If you are in a common/multi-microscope space, please do not team image without the permission of the user on the other microscope. For example, if you and your labmate want to image stuff together on the A1R (because it is awesome), and someone is using the Widefield (because it is also awesome), please ask the Widefield user if they are ok with it and respect their opinion. Remember, we’re supposed to maintain 3 feet social distancing and our rooms aren’t that big. You can set up a zoom session and your labmate can join in the fun remotely.
    • Please continue to remotely access the analysis workstations. I feel that Splashtop is working out well!

Trainings will transition to a hybrid approach. The initial phases may be in person, but the majority will be done remotely as I think this is also working well (though, I would love to have your feedback, both positive and negative)

Ditto for support. If you cannot find me in the facility or in my office, call me at my cell or try me on Slack.