We strive to support you along the entire research pipeline, from experimental concept and design to education and training to data analysis and result validation. With our significant amount of acquisition and sample handling experience, we are well suited to help you with a wide range of experimental needs.

Consultations and Guidance

The ALMC offers free microscopy consultations and guidance as you prepare to perform your imaging experiments. We can help you with experimental design, ensuring that the proper microscope, fluorophores, sample holders, environmental conditions and imaging parameters can be achieved before you begin to prepare your samples. By discussing your experiments with us before you begin, we can facilitate your preparations and help ensure successful imaging. We will also discuss with you your data storage and analysis needs, and help make sure you are ready to proceed with the greatest likelihood of success.


Please see this page for more details on training requirements.

Assisted Sessions

Sometimes it is more efficient to ask the ALMC staff to collect your images for you, especially if your samples are time-sensitive or you have a rapidly approaching deadline. With an assisted session, the microscope will be expertly operated and the data collected with your guidance.

Grants and Publications

We will gladly review the microscopy sections of your grants and publications, ensuring the essential and correct details are included in the text. We also provide letters of support and other facility-related documentation for your applications.