Equipment Academic (per hour) Industry (per hour)
Nikon Widefield $20 $30
Nikon A1R Laser Scanning $45 $70
Nikon Spinning Disc $45 $70
Molecular Devices ImageXpress $45 $70
PerkinElmer Opera Phenix $45 $70
Nikon NSTORM Super Resolution $45 $70
Analysis Workstation $5 $10

Image Analysis

Service Academic (per hour) Industry (per hour)
Initial Consultation (1 hour) Free Free
Short-term Projects (First 80 hours) $15 $22.50
Long-term Projects (80+ hours) $10 $15

Image analysis fee policies

  • The fees above are per project, not per lab. A project is roughly defined as the work that would go into a single publication.
  • We endeavour to give you accurate estimates for time and cost. However, how long code development takes is difficult to estimate prior to beginning work on a project. If things change, we will contact you and your PI to verify new estimates and pricing.
  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, all code developed will be considered property of the BioFrontiers Advanced Light Microscopy core. This means that we reserve the right to publish and reuse the code in other projects. We strive to make the code we develop open access.