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Banner image: Cyanobacterial cells imaged under the microscope (Jian Wei Tay)

Jian wins best postdoc poster award at CSU qCMB symposium

A single-cell platform for studying photosynthesis was developed in collaboration with the Cameron Lab

May 17, 2021

By Joe Dragavon

Dr. Jian Wei Tay, Image Analysis Specialist at the ALMC

Dr. Jian Wei Tay (ALMC Image Analysis Specialist) has won the “Best Postdoc Poster award” at the 2021 Front Range Computational & Systems Biology Symposium. The symposium was hosted by Colorado State University’s quantative Cell & Molecular Biology (qCMB) program.

Dr. Tay was invited to give a lightning talk to present his poster, titled “Illuminating photosynthesis in single cyanobacterial cells”. This talk describes his work in developing a platform for studying photosynthetic processes in cyanobacteria. By using an automated widefield microscope, combined with computational image analysis, his platform allows the photodamage and repair mechanism to be studied at the single-cell level. This work was carried out in collaboration with the Cameron Lab (Department of Biochemistry and RASEI).

You can view a recording of his talk here