CU Up Close art exhibition

CU Up Close images highlighted in the community!

February 05, 2024

By Joseph Dragavon

Image showing pictures hanging along a wall.
Our images hanging up at the East Boulder Rec Center

Our stunning CU Up Close images have been selected for two upcoming art exhibitions: the East Boulder Rec Center (February 1 – 29) and the George Reynolds Branch of the Boulder Library System (May 1 – July 31). The inclusion of our captivating scientific images underscores the exceptional expertise and ingenuity of our students and investigators. Each image captures the intricacies of scientific phenomena, from microscopic cellular structures to vast integrated networks, offering profound insights into the natural world. Our CU Up Close collection showcases the breadth and depth of scientific inquiry within our institution, illustrating our dedication to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and innovation. These invitations serve as a testament to the significant impact our research has on advancing scientific understanding and inspiring curiosity within our community, reaffirming our commitment to excellence in scientific exploration. Coupled with our annual calendar, our investigators are demonstrating their impact beyond CU Boulder to our entire region!