Nikon Widefield

The Nikon Widefield microscope is an inverted, epi-fluorescence microscope, built on the Eclipse Ti-E base.

This microscope uses conventional widefield illumination, where a large part of the sample is exposed to light during imaging. For this reason, the Nikon Widefield is best used for typical brightfield or color imaging, and fluorescence imaging of live or fixed cells or thin tissue sections.

Main features:

  • Perfect Focus System (PFS) to maintain sample focus
  • Fully-motorized and programmable translation stage to capture multiple wells, locations or large images
  • Cage incubator for long-term time-lapse imaging
  • Fluorescence excitation using the Excelitas X-Cite XYLIS LED system
  • Brightfield illumination using the Lumencore LIDA light engine with color (RGB) imaging

Example images